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How to rejoin ISPE in three easy steps

1. You must first login; click the MyISPE Login in the upper right corner of this page and enter your ISPE credentials. If you've forgotten or lost your credentials, use the "Forgot Your Password" feature. (If your profile email has changed and you no longer have access to it for password recovery, contact the Executive Office at for help.) Once logged in, under User Resources click ISPE Profile.

2. Once you have your profile on screen, click Purchases > Memberships > Inactive Memberships > Rejoin.


3. A membership application will appear. You must complete the form to proceed to membership renewal. Then select your membership type and pay for your membership on the last step.

If you get stuck at any time, please contact the Executive Office at and provide notes on issues you encountered that prevented you from rejoining online.

Thanks again for your ISPE membership!