Latin America RIG

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build technical capacity, provide a forum to exchange scientific ‎information, and foster advance in Pharmacoepidemiology, including drug ‎utilization research (DUR) and pharmacovigilance, among researchers interested ‎in collaborating with other researchers, from Latin America (LatAm) countries ‎and from other parts of the world. ‎


  • To contribute with capacity building in Pharmacoepidemiology to conduct high-‎quality studies in Latin America and with other countries
  • To develop educational materials based on specific needs of Latin America ‎countries and other countries, and to leverage existing materials from ISPE
  • To provide an open forum for discussion of scientific topics of interest to Latin ‎America countries and other countries, exchange ideas and collaborate on ‎specific research projects to solve pharmacoepidemiology-related issues
  • To disseminate the results of high-quality Pharmacoepidemiology studies among ‎researchers, policy makers, users (patients) and healthcare providers
  • To harmonize Latin American countries and other countries’ sources of ‎information (e. g. databases), to work with decision markers at the government ‎level, to optimize the use of rigorous Pharmacoepidemiology research at national ‎and international levels
  • To use data from Latin America sources and databases, as well as from other ‎countries to estimate the potential impact of emerging drugs identified, ‎prioritized, and critically assessed at the local level
  • To promote international collaboration with researchers and research groups in ‎the area of pharmacoepidemiology

RIG Leaders

Chair Luciane Lopes
Vice Chair Lisiane Leal

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