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Health & Safety at the Mid-Year Meeting 2024

ISPE shares with all ISPE MYM 2024 meeting attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and vendors a commitment to and responsibility for a safe and healthy environment for all conference participants. As we pursue this commitment, we are grateful for the ISPE community's deep knowledge of the risks posed by COVID-19 or its variant strains and full support for safety procedures implemented by ISPE to reduce potential virus spread. Thank you as well for your kind consideration of the comfort and preferences of your fellow participants.

The situation in the United States as of January 2022: General COVID-19 restrictions no longer apply. You are not required to be vaccinated and do not need to be tested on arrival. Masking in public places is not required. The airline you travel on may impose vaccine and/or masking requirements, which you are obliged to know and follow. Businesses and private cultural institutions are allowed to make their own requirements regarding face masks, shields, COVID-19 vaccination, etc. You are required to comply with such requirements if you wish for service or access.

Safety and preventative measures implemented by ISPE at ISPE MYM venues will take into consideration guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This means that ISPE will not be requiring proof of vaccination status and there will not be mandatory masking at the conference facility. CDC recommendations include testing when experiencing symptoms. ISPE will hand out self-tests to those who require one at the venue.

We also recognize this is a fluid situation and ISPE safety procedures may change. We will update you as needed via the ISPE website, emails, and other communication channels. Thank you for your understanding.

For further data, please see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s published statistics on both vaccination status and infection rates on their websites (updated weekly):

Vaccines for COVID-19 | CDC

CDC COVID Data Tracker: Home