Public Policy Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Policy Committee is to identify and evaluate external public policies which impact the conduct of pharmacoepidemiology research; and, to develop and maintain a body of public policy documentation which promotes sound pharmacoepidemiologic research for improving the health of the public.

  • To manage the review of documents, guidelines, policy or commentary on pharmacoepidemiology, as well as other publications prepared by ISPE members or groups, and as necessary, recommend to the Board endorsement as ISPE public policy in accordance with policy;
  • To manage ISPE’s funded manuscripts program;
  • To receive public policy statements of kindred organisations, to review them for clarity, urgency, and appropriateness to ISPE’s mission, and to arrange for their review and presentation to the Executive Committee or Board in accordance with policy;
  • To review existing public policies maintained in the ISPE Public Policy Compendium to determine whether revision, renewal or retirement is necessary; and to submit periodic reports to the Executive Committee or Board with recommendations on Public Policies for renewal or retirement, as well as where new Public Policies may be commissioned.

Meeting Schedule

The PPC convenes at the annual ICPE meeting and by teleconferences in between as deemed necessary by the chair.

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Committee Members

The PPC uses three year terms with elections at the annual PPC meeting during the ICPE. The current chair and chair elect decide on topics to pursue and liaise with the Executive Committee and the PPC as necessary.

Chair Meredith Y. Smith
Co-Chair Susan dosReis