FarmacoEpiEnRed* ISPE — Spanish Chapter

*“red” means network in Spanish language

Mission Statement

To build a Network of Spanish language network ofpeople interested in Pharmacoepidemiology.


  • To create Social Media platforms (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) where members can communicate and share their experience.
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and to improve scientific collaborationsby means of:
    • Webinars presented, in Spanish or English
    • Discussions about Pharmacoepidemiology (methods and special topics)
    • Invitation to PhD defenses
  • To organize face-to-face meetings to present and discuss the work developed in the Chapter, to exchange new ideas, to plan future actions and the social network.

Meeting Schedule

  • A Face to face meeting at the ICPE-ISPE annual conference;
  • Online (Skype): plan for regular discussions every 2-3 months related to the management of the platform and follow-up of the programmed activities (such as the internet platform, seminars and webinars and the organization of methods-specific study groups).

For information on the next teleconference call please contact the chair.

Committee Members

Chair: Elisa Martin-Merino
Vice/Co-Chair: Daniel Prieto-Alhambra