about ispe


Executive Secretary
Phil Waitzman
Email: phil@pharmacoepi.org

Director of Operations
James Vrac
Email: james@pharmacoepi.org

Society Manager
Erin Maas, CAE
Email: erin@pharmacoepi.org

Society Manager
Amy Gelbman
Email: amy@pharmacoepi.org

Abigail Langford
Email: alangford@kellencompany.com

Meetings Manager
Shannon Henson
Email: shenson@kellencompany.com

Membership Manager
Nakeshia Betsill
Email: nbetsill@kellencompany.com


Who to Contact

Group Staff contact
ACPE Intl Steering Committee Phil Waitzman
Archives & History Committee Amy Gelbman
Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Committee Phil Waitzman
Development Committee Abigail Langford
Education Committee Amy Gelbman
Fellowship & Awards Committee James Vrac
Finance Committee Phil Waitzman
Global Development Committee Erin Maas
Membership Committee Keshia Betsill
Nominating Committee James Vrac
Public Policy Committee James Vrac
Publications & Communications Committee Erin Maas
Scholarship Committee Phil Waitzman
Strategic Planning Committee Phil Waitzman
Sustainability Committee Shannon Henson
ICPE 2024 Shannon Henson/Amy Gelbman
Mid-Year Meeting 2024 Shannon Henson/Amy Gelbman
Councils Amy Gelbman
RIGs Erin Maas
SIGs Erin Maas